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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions set out the basis for airport transfers provided by Leyland Airport Services. By booking our services you are deemed to have understood and accept these terms.

We suggest that you print and keep a copy of these terms with your travel documents. Contact details are included in the event you need to contact us on your return to the UK.

1. Bookings

1.1. When you make a booking you are entering into a contract with Leyland Airport Services and you consent to us collecting your personal data. This data will only be held and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

1.2. Booking details should be re-confirmed with the office 2 days prior to your outbound journey.

1.3. We will endeavour to collect you at the time and place stated on the booking. However we cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control e.g. traffic delays, accidents, mechanical failure, severe weather conditions or any unforeseen circumstances.

2. Vehicles

2.1. All our vehicles are licensed Private Hire Vehicles and must be pre-booked.

2.2. We reserve the right to send alternative vehicles if we are unable to supply the vehicle ordered e.g. breakdown, traffic delays.

2.3. You must ensure suitable child restraints are provided for any children that legally require them. It is your responsibility to adequately secure child seats and children in the vehicle. Leyland Airport Services will not accept any liability in the event an injury occurs as a result of an in-adequately secured child or restraint.

2.4. Eating, drinking or smoking is not permitted (drinking water is allowed, but you must take with you any used bottles or containers).

2.5. You will be responsible for the cost of rectifying any damage caused to a vehicle.

2.6. You will be responsible for loading your luggage in the vehicle. Drivers may give you reasonable assistance if requested, but they will not be held responsible for any damage.

2.7. Additional luggage e.g. pushchairs, wheelchairs, golf/ski/diving equipment, must be notified at the time of booking to ensure the correct sized vehicle is dispatched. We reserve the right to refuse to carry or to charge for undisclosed luggage if a bigger vehicle has to be used.

2.8. We will not tolerate bad behaviour or abusive language and reserve the right to refuse travel or terminate a journey.

2.9. We will not be liable for any damage caused to goods left in our possession on your behalf.

3. Return Flight Details

3.1. You are responsible for confirming the details of your return flight with our office prior to your departure from the UK. You must ensure the correct UK arrival date/time is supplied.

3.2. It is your responsibility to confirm with the office (not your outbound driver) any changes to your return details.

3.3. Leyland Airport Services will not be held responsible for acting on incorrect flight details if we are subsequently delayed or unable to collect you. In the event you do not return on the day or time stated on your booking, and without prior notice, no refund will be given and you will be re-charged to re-book your collection. You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred e.g. parking costs.

4. Mobile Phone

4.1. If you have one, please supply a mobile phone number to our office prior to your departure.

4.2. On your return to the UK, once you have landed, your driver will attempt to contact you to confirm your collection point. Please have your phone switched on.

4.3. In the event you take a different mobile phone please inform the office.

5. Travel to the Airport

5.1. Leyland Airport Services does not accept any responsibility for missed flights for whatever reason.

5.2. Passengers should plan to arrive at the airport no later than the airline’s recommended check-in time and should allow extra time for possible unpredicted delays e.g. traffic, accidents, breakdowns, severe weather. You should also allow more time if your travel coincides with “rush hour”.

5.3. For return airport trips, payment must be made in full prior to your departure from the UK. We do not accept split payments and we will cancel the inbound booking if it is not paid for in full in advance (unless an agreement has been made prior to your departure).

6. Collection from the Airport

6.1. On the outbound journey to the airport you will be supplied with instructions to assist you in being collected on your return. We will not be held responsible if you fail to follow these instructions and this either delays or prevents your collection, or results in you incurring additional financial cost.

6.2. If only an inbound journey is undertaken, then you must obtain collection instructions from us prior to leaving the UK.

6.3. For Manchester Airport collections, we will normally meet you in your respective arrivals hall. At Liverpool we will meet you at the car park behind the yellow submarine.

6.4. If you have a serious delay to your return flight you must inform us as soon as possible. Leyland Airport Services will regularly check your inbound flight but we are not always supplied with accurate information. It is your responsibility to inform us promptly of any delay.

6.5. Your driver will wait for you for up to 1 hour after your plane lands. If you are delayed in baggage reclaim or passport control you must notify your driver of your delay. No refund will be made if passengers do not show up for pre-paid journeys.

7. General

7.1. As a home-based business we do not have a permanently staffed office. We are not available evenings, overnight or weekends to answer the phone or reply to emails. if you need to get in touch urgently then please send a text to the mobile number.

7.2. Whilst we strive to offer the best service we possibly can, you will appreciate that mistakes sometimes do happen. This is the reason why we request that all information be cross checked with the office 2 days prior to travel. We do have advanced checking procedures, however ultimately you, the client, are responsible for ensuring that Leyland Airport Services holds the correct information.

8. Contact Details

    Email: info@leylandairportservices.co.uk

    Mobile: 07976 314328 (if urgent then contact via text and not voicemail)

    Phone: 01772 421947 (office hours Mon-Fri 9am to 7pm)

Revised May 2018